Dear colleagues, partners and clients!

       The year 2013 turned out to be difficult for the insurance market of Ukraine. This is related to many factors, both external and internal. Unfortunately, over the past few years a number of companies set a goal to seizure a part of the insurance market and intensively began dumping, forgetting the main goal of their activity - to be responsible for each issued insurance policy. This approach of doing business, unfortunately, led to disastrous consequences when not only their clients suffered, but also other insurance companies. The Illichivska Insurance Companies Group, operating on the market for eight years, gained excellent business reputation as a reliable insurer that is always doing fair business. All these years we have been doing everything to ensure that our clients receive insurance indemnities on time and in full. It is not easy in the current economic situation, but we cannot act in another way. That is why the Illichivska Insurance Companies Group performs steadily, despite all the difficulties, and fulfills taken obligations. There are no complaints on our Company to the regulatory authorities and more and more Ukrainians entrust us with their welfare. Today we are maintaining the difficult process of systems management implementation, the main idea of which is the constancy of goals and continuously improvement of service quality. For the client, a key indicator is the quality of service, which in insurance business is expressed by duration of insurance claims settlement. That is why our efforts are mainly determined on settlement of insurance claims of our clients and on achievement of planned results. The confirmation of this was delivery of the Diploma "Leader of quality and efficiency in motor insurance claim settlement" on the basis of Insurance TOP 2012 National Award by the head of the National Committee of Financial Services to the Illichivske Insurance Company.