Licenses of State Committee for regulation of financial services:

1. Obligatory insurance of civil & legal liability of owners of land-based vehicles - AB series 584086 from 12.01.2011, termless
2. Obligatory aviation insurance of civil aviation - AB series 584091 from 14.12.07, termless.
3. Obligatory insurance from transport accidents - AB series 584090 from 23.02.07, termless.
4. Obligatory insurance of agricultural crops and perennial plantings of state agricultural enterprises, grain and sugar beet crops by agricultural enterprises of all forms of ownership - AB series 584109 from 06.02.06, termless.
5. Obligatory insurance of liability of dangerous cargo carriers for the case of negative consequences in the course of dangerous cargo transportation - AB series 3584110 from 06.02.06, termless.
6. Obligatory personal insurance of departmental (except for those working in institutions and organizations financed from the state budget of Ukraine) and rural fire protection service, and members of voluntary fire guard (teams) - AB series 584111 from 06.02.06, termless.
7. Obligatory insurance of civil liability of economic subject for damage caused by verisimilar fires and accidents on extra-hazardous facilities, including fire and explosion facilities, and those, economic activity thereupon can cause ecological sanitary and epidemiological accidents – AB series 584108 from 06.02.06, termless.
8. Obligatory insurance of civil liability of legal Ukrainian weapon owners, for the damage, which can be caused to a third party or its property due to ownership, storage or use of weapons - AB series 584103 from 11.11.05, termless.
9. Obligatory insurance of the civil liability of a nuclear plant operator for nuclear damage which may be inflicted as a result of a nuclear incident - AB series 4584088 from 20.11.2008, termless.
10. Obligatory medical insurance - AB series 84085 from 25.11.2010, termless.
11. Obligatory insurance of the mortgage against the risks of accidental destruction, accidental damage or damage - AB series 594197 from 15.12.11, termless.
12. Voluntary insurance of water transport (marine international and other types of transport) – AB series 584100 from 20.03.2008, termless.
13.Voluntary insurance of liabilities of the water transport owners (including liability of the carrier) - AB series 584101 from 20.03.2008, termless.
14. Voluntary medical insurance (continuous insurance of health) - AB series 584106 from 06.02.06, termless.
15.Voluntary insurance of civil liability of owners of land-based vehicles (including liability of the carrier) - AB series 584104 from 06.02.06, termless.
16.Voluntary insurance of guaranties issued and received guaranties - AB series 321742 from 07.02.06, termless.
17.Motor insurance - AB series 584105 from 06.02.06, termless.
18. Voluntary accidents insurance - AB series 584099 from 20.08.09, termless.
19. Voluntary insurance of third party liabilities (except for liability of owners of land-based, air, water transport and liability of carrier) - AB series 584098 from 20.08.09, termless.
20.Voluntary insurance of cargos and luggage (goods luggage) - AB series 584097 from 17.01.08
21.Voluntary fire and disaster risks insurance - AB series 584096 from 17.01.08, termless.
22.Voluntary insurance of credits (including liability of borrowers for non-repayment of credits) – AB series 585095 from 217.01.08, termless.
23.Voluntary insurance of financial risks - AB series 584094 from 17.01.08, termless.
24.Voluntary insurance of property (except for railroad, surface, air, water transport, (marine inland and other types of transport), cargos and luggage (goods luggage) -AB series 584093 from 17.01.08, termless.
25.Voluntary health and diseases insurance - AB series 584092 from 4.12.07, termless.
26.Voluntary insurance of medical costs - AB series 584102 from 24.05.05, termless.
27.Voluntary insurance of railroad transport - AB series 584087 from. 30.11.06, termless.
28. Voluntary air transport insurance - AB series 584089 from. 28.10.10, termless.