Illichivske IC was declared the Leader of Individual Health Insurance according to the Insurance Top National Premium, which is based on the official financial report of companies. Director Yuriy Gryshan is 3rd in TOP-manager of Insurance Market nomination.

According to the Insurance Top rating, Illichivske Insurance Company made it to the top 20 backbone insurance companies in Ukraine and was recognized as a company which exerts substantial influence on the formation and development of domestic insurance market by investing in its development.


The Credit Rating Agency gave the company the following ratings:
uaAins (high reliability) under the insurance company reliability rating scale.
uaBBB+ - under the national long-term credit rating scale.


According to the Study of the Most Customer-Oriented Insurance Companies in Ukraine by the Credit Rating Agency, Illichivske Insurance Company received a number of top rankings:
1st position in the ranking of private immovable property insurance;
3rd position in the ranking of auto insurance;
5th position in the ranking of health insurance.


The Credit Rating Agency named Illichivske Insurance Company the most transparent company on the Ukrainian insurance market after the second study of transparency of the Ukrainian insurance market. Illichivske IC became first among the 29 companies which are simultaneously rated among the top 40 in terms of the assets, insurance premium revenues, and insurance payouts.


According to the Financial Rating by the «Business» newspaper Director Yuriy Gryshan is 2nd in the nomination «Person of the Insurance Market».



Based on the official data by the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine and the European Rating Standard, the League of the Best (an international economic rating) ranked Illichivske Insurance Company 4th in the Insurance Services rating and awarded it a title of the 2010 Company of the Year.
Yuriy Gryshan, Illichivske Insurance Company Director was named the 2010 Manager of the Year and awarded the Order of the Honorary Cross.